Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

The increase in demand for digital assets has drawn the attention of cybercriminals who hack or scam corporates and individuals and deprive them of their cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens and smart contracts.
We work at the forefront of addressing loss scenarios and can help you identify your digital assets and advise on your available options.

Trained experts in digital assets recovery

Our team is comprised by financial crime, forensic and blockchain experts who live and breathe digital assets. We use the latest forensic analytics tools empowered with artificial intelligence to track digital asset journeys.

We support individuals as well as businesses operating in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space that have suffered directly from various forms of attacks. We also cater for instances where digital assets need to be identified for legal, regulatory, accounting and probate reasons.

Incident Response

Our incident response services covers from digital asset theft and ransomware to hacking and scamming instances for both corporates and individuals that require a speedy analysis of the scenario they fear.



Trace and receive official reporting on the digital asset route as part of an investigation requiring expert support in concealment tactics and behaviours that may relate to legal and litigation matters, estate and divorce proceedings and even forensic accounting cases.


Fund Suitability & Origination

We use systems that rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to risk assess your transactions and the wallets involved to help you avoid unnecessary negative outcomes and/or satisfy your business risk appetite models.

Other Services

Whether you are a regulator considering an ICO authorisation, an investor interested in the permissions of a smart contract or a developer seeking support in de-bugging your smart contract code, we can help you mitigate your risks.


How we work

For the protection of your own interests, especially with regards to loss of your digital assets or data, we generally advise that you do not take any action before consulting us, with the exception of collecting any information or data that might otherwise be lost.

All our services are available based on an hourly retainer model. When we onboard you as a new client, we charge an initial retainer, which is almost always sufficient for a successful resolution of the case. In addition to a retainer, we charge a percentage contingency fee on funds recovered.

Our core deliverables

When it comes to digital assets, you need a capable partner who can instantly understand your needs and interpret complex data to achieve results. Chainforce is that partner. We bring many years of experience in dealing with the delicate matters at hand.

Efficient expertise in the cryptocurrency ecosystem

We’re both fluent and forward-thinking when it comes to digital financial literacy, with in-depth insight into the decentralised environment. This helps us to quickly decipher large amounts of data in order to track the movement of funds and provide clarity on the case at hand.

Acting with speed and sensitivity, when you need it most

Cases of cybercrime require action at a high level of agility, without compromising on complete discretion. We respond to all urgent enquiries with the utmost care and attention, producing thorough, fact-based forensic reports that can be used by law firms and law enforcement authorities alike.

Breaking down the blockchain

Digital currency is often targeted in ransomware attacks because it goes hand-in-hand with cryptovirology. If you have been the victim of theft, ransomware, fraud or embezzlement, we can help you by tracing a large volume of transactions on the ledger and interpreting each one independently to map lost or stolen tokens.
We do this with deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and state-of-the-art equipment.

Safeguarding your digital assets

Chainforce offers a revolutionary service to track and investigate transactions while analysing off and on-chain data for a full forensic report which can be used in official investigations.

We can also help you mitigate risk with smart contract audits, which check for any possible security breaches in the on-chain code.

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