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concealment tactics

Our forensic service is aimed at situations where you need to trace and receive official reporting on the digital asset route as part of an investigation requiring expert support in concealment tactics and behaviours that may relate to legal and litigation matters, estate and divorce proceedings and even forensic accounting cases.

Tracing & Investigations

We specialise in blockchain forensics, data analysis and transaction tracing.

Our firm has established partnerships with some of the leading vendors of professional blockchain forensics tools, and uses both on-chain and off-chain analytics and investigative methods to trace and map stolen assets route.

Our deep in-house experience is further supplemented by third-party expertise should this be warranted.

Blockchain Businesses

Businesses that utilise the blockchain or cryptocurrencies as part of their product or service offering always run the risk of attacks by cybercriminals.

If your firm has fallen victim to a cyber-attack which has affected or may affect its digital assets, and you require consultation to address these matters, we can help you by offering advisory support, tracking lost digital assets and putting in place those steps which are necessary for you to resolve matters and get back to what you do best, running your business.

Legal & Litigation Reports

Chainforce cooperates with solicitors and barristers as well as the wider legal community to provide forensics reports as well as testimony (where needed) for both national and international cases.

Retaining our services greatly helps legal experts involved with structuring the case to better understand the blockchain technology, what digital footprints may exist in each case and how they can be utilised for the benefit of the case, the travel and destination of digital assets as well as the possibility of recovery, thus making it possible to assess which points are worth pursuing from a legal standpoint.

Undisclosed & Hidden Cryptocurrencies​

The pseudonymity of actors in the cryptocurrency space makes them believe that they have no obligation to report their digital assets when legally required to do so, most common case being that of tax, but also in cases of divorce, bankruptcy proceedings or financial fraud. In each of the above scenarios, a person may want to hide the true value of their total assets. We are equally capable of supporting cases relating to a late persons estate and supporting families recover some or all of the digital assets in question.

We are happy to be consulted in such scenarios and to offer our expertise if the facts and available information allow our for our meaningful involvement.

Forensic Accounting & Tax

Chainforce tracks and audits cryptocurrency as it travels on the blockchain from one ledger to the next. We are experienced in mapping blockchain transactions, analysing the movement and travel and interpreting the motivations behind the actions undertaken by those wishing to defraud and/or hide the assets from illicit and nefarious activities.

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