Incident Response

Professional asset
tracking & recovery

Our incident response services focus on scenarios where the owner of the digital assets has been unwillingly deprived of them and wishes to take all steps possible that supports the criminal indictment of the perpetrator and potential recovery of the lost assets.

Recovery of Stolen Cryptocurrencies

If you have lost your cryptocurrency funds (Bitcoin, ETH, or other) due to theft, scam, or fraud, we can help you recover them. Our investigations can help to uncover where your lost tokens currently reside, who the perpetrators are, monitor any crypto movements in real-time, and ultimately help with seizing and recovering the stolen funds.

As there are numerous incidents in this space, demand for our services is high, we will work only on cases involving financial loss of $50,000 or more.

To deliver our services, we require full cooperation from our clients and/or victims and we expect them to keep any investigation findings (ongoing or final) confidential until the case is closed.

If you decide to take on our services, we would like you to understand that tipping off the perpetrator for any reason, is never a good idea, and can significantly damage the probability of a successful outcome.


Should you, or a customer of yours, fall victim to a ransomware attack we can assist you with this matter. Prior to paying any ransom, it is always important to understand what your available options are. By doing so, it may be possible to minimize damages, keep costs lower, increase the probability of asset recovery and reduce the risk of future attacks.

Exchange Hacking

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are some of the most frequent attack targets due to the large amounts of assets they hold. If your Exchange has become the victim of an elaborate hack attack, we can assist you in the tracking of your lost funds and support you in engaging with authorities for the purpose of recovering yours and your customers money and/or assets.

Blackmail & Harassment

If cybercriminals are threatening to disclose sensitive information about you, your company or third party of interest and are demanding payment, we and our associates are here to help you in steps in terms of how you handle such.

Trolling and the spread of mis-information for the purpose of extracting some form of benefit can easily get out of hand and damage not only your business, but also your psychological well-being. In these instances, we can support you and help you understand what your options are.

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