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Smart Contract Auditing

Whether you are a regulator or investor, before licensing or investing in a blockchain product underpinned by smart contract technology, you may want to audit the code and ensure that the coding is robust, with strong security characteristics for the benefit of the users and that the administrators of the product cannot manipulate the smart contract to their own benefit. We and our partners can run smart contract assessments, providing you with the information and risk analysis that you require before taking any decisions.

Digital Assets in Estate Planning & Probate

In order to properly plan your estate and or identify possible assets that should form part of a persons estate, we always advise that you speak to us. We can offer advice on how to best plan for your digital assets to be handed over to your loved ones at the appropriate time. We can also assist beneficiaries in identifying and gathering the digital assets back into estate owned wallets / ledgers for these to be subsequently distributed as prescribed by law or will.

Digital Assets in Divorce

Failing to disclose the ownership of digital assets as part of divorce proceedings is becoming an increasing occurrence in divorce cases. Chainforce can support solicitors and barristers involved in divorce proceedings to identify and bring these crypto assets within scope of the proceedings. We can also support in the recovery of the assets. The investigations we conduct are thorough and start by running an assessment of the individuals possessions and informing relevant parties of the total assets potentially within scope of the proceedings.

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